Drewry Twinsets

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The 35 Drewry Car Company designed twinset railcars were built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company (BCRW) in the early - mid 1950s along with many NZR shunt locomotives. The BRCW closed in the 1960s and passed into history however the name and records were never lost and held with one of the company’s former employees. Within the last couple of years, a new initiative to recreate the BRCW emerged taking over ownership of the name and setting up shop as a new company with the aim to preserve and recreate long lost BRCW locomotives and other associated projects.


The RM 133 Railcar Trust Board & PRS has in recent times established some good connections with this newly recreated company and the good folk at BRCW are now very kindly assisting the RM 133 Trust with the aim to source vital mechanical components for RM 121 from retiring DMU's in the UK. The trust is extremely grateful and pleased to have an association both historically and present with the BRCW.

If you would like to support or view BRCW website their link is below which also takes you to their FB page ......


Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Co