Drewry Twinset RM 121

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RM 121 is one of two surviving ex-New Zealand Railways Drewry Twinset railcars.  Entering service between 1955 and 1958, RM 121 operated throughout New Zealand and was eventually written-off in September 1978 and subsequently sold in to private ownership.  In 1989 the cars were separated and on sold.

In 2003 the No.2 car was acquired by the RM 133 Trust Board and was delivered to Pahiatua.  Some 8 years later, in 2011, the No.1 car was acquired and delivered to Pahiatua, the first time in 22 years the two halves had been together in one place.


The restoration process is on going with a small dedicated team of volunteers working to bring RM 121 back to operational condition and to enable the worlds only Drewry Twinset to operate on New Zealand rails once again.

RM121 No. 1 Car 2019 - Doug Johnston
RM 121 No 2 Car - Jan 2018. Doug Johnston
RM121 - GA.png